The Last Champion

A former wrestler is forced to face his past when he returns to the hometown he left in disgrace. Can he become the hero his town expected or will he remain a prisoner of his past mistakes?

Parental Warning: Teachable Moments

The Last Champion


Cast: Cole Hauser, Annika Marks, Hallie Todd, Randall Batinkoff, Peter Onorati, Sean Scully, Taylor Dearden, Bob McCracken, Casey Moss

Writer: Glenn Withrow, Hallie Todd, Ivy Withrow

Directed By: Glenn Withrow

Producer: Glenn Withrow, Hallie Todd, Ivy Withrow, Brian Gork, Michelle Guidry Nichols, Jairus Pascale, Seth Pascale, Kerry Denny, David Nussbaumer


With a Strong Male Lead, About Sports, About Redemption, About Forgiveness, Character Building, Underdog